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More Uncertified Voting Systems in California?

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In 2003, the California Secretary of State found that DESI (Diebold Election Systems, Inc.) had marketed and sold voting systems in California that were running software uncertified by the state. In a déjà vu moment, ES&S (Election Systems and So… more »

Pic of me on Machinist post

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Cool! [Farhad Manjoo] used [a picture of me], taken by [Matt], blowing up a Diebold beach ball that was given to me by [Jason] in a [Machinist] post about DESI's [name change]. [Creative Commons] rules! (Thanks to Tim McNerney for the pointer!) [… more »

Joe Six-Pack and D&D...

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Daniel Macht of Sacramento's [Capitol Weekly] interviewed me for a story published today ([*"When Dungeons & Dragons meets California elections "*]( talking about the work of the CA So… more »

EVT papers available...

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The accepted papers for the [USENIX]([ACCURATE]( [Electronic Voting Technology 2007 (EVT'07) workshop]( are now available (for registered attendees): There is… more »

EVT paper accepted

elections, reform, news, friends, research, policy, legal
My submission to [EVT'07], "Contractual Barriers to Transparency in Electronic Voting", was accepted (with Ray Martinez as a shepherd). I'm not going to post it yet out of respect for the shepherding process. The other paper, Aaron and mine, on di… more »
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