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Possible HAVA Violation in Georgia's Provisional Balloting

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Yesterday, I read [Ron Rivest]'s write-up of his elections observation experience in Georgia this past November ([*"Trip Report: Election Day 2006: Visit to Atlanta Georgia on 11/7/2006 for election observing"* (PDF)](… more »

Diebold whistleblower pleads guilty and pays $10K

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Truly sad. I wish he had had the right criminal defense to wash his hands of this. Whistleblowing has to be done right. Jones Day is a bunch of really scummy lawyers. ### [E-voting `hero' pleads guilty to computer crime in Diebold case][1] > By… more »

The General Election at Precinct 225400

elections, accessibility, news, privacy, policy
I have always wanted to volunteer for an election and see what it's like to be on the ground, especially since election policy is a key part of my PhD thesis. [Avi Rubin], the director of our [ACCURATE] grant, recently [volunteered as a poll worker] in… more »

SacBee Op-Ed: "Counting on security"

elections, certification/testing, standards, news, berkeley, problems, friends, research, policy, legal
[Deirdre Mulligan] (PI on NSF [ACCURATE] grant), Aaron Burstein, David Snyder and I wrote this piece for Sunday's Sacramento Bee. -Joe [Deirdre Mulligan]: [ACCURATE]: http://… more »

ACCURATE Submits Comments on VSTCP Manual

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, news, berkeley, problems, litigation, friends, research, policy, usability, legal
##### Cross-posted on the ACCURATE blog: [*"ACCURATE Submits Comments on VSTCP Manual"*]( Today ACCURATE submitted a [public comment][1] to the U.S. [Election Assistance Commis… more »
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