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On DREs vs. Opscan...

elections, reform, secrecy, research, policy
There seems to be a sentiment in the e-voting activist community that > "DREs involve secret recording and counting of votes and optical scanning technologies (Opscan) only involve secret counting." (that's my paraphrase... I'm not quoting anyon… more »

Kim Alexander of CVF Honored

elections, reform, news, friends, policy
At the recent meeting of the Election Verification Network, we honored [Kim Alexander]( of the [California Voter Foundation]( and Ion Sancho, supervisor of elections for Leon County Flor… more »

My Comments on California's Draft Criteria for Top-To-Bottom Review of Voting Systems

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, hacks, privacy, berkeley, policy, legal
[California Secretary of State Deborah Bowen] has begun a Top-To-Bottom (TTB) review of voting systems used in California. On Thursday of last week, the Secretary released a set of draft criteria to be used in the TTB review process ([*"Top-To-Bottom R… more »

A Primer on Calculating Election Audit Confidence

elections, reform, research, policy
I've received a number of questions from people over the past few months about how to go about calculating confidence levels of election audits... some feel that the math is beyond them when it's really not that complicated. Really, it's not that ha… more »

DVD Release of "Hacking Democracy"

elections, reform, vendors, hacks, news, friends, policy
Just a heads up, the DVD release of the HBO Documentary *[Hacking Democracy]* will be on 27 March. This documentary is a nice introduction to e-voting issues with a particular focus on Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, who has made enormous contributions… more »
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