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Lou Dobbs polls viewers about verified voting

elections, reform, news
So, Lou Dobbs had one of his Quick Vote on-line polls today from 5-6 PDT. The question was, " Do you believe states should be required to provide paper receipts of electronic votes?" Well apparently, those who voted thought so... more »

Doug Jones: Confusion of Myth and Fact in Maryland

elections, reform, news
My esteemed colleague, Doug Jones, has authored a rebuttal to the Maryland Board of Elections ridiculous brochure that was obviously written in close consultation with election systems vendors. In late June or early July of 2004, the Maryland State… more »

ITAA says e-voting researchers pusing open source agenda

elections, reform, standards
(Via Michael Geist's ILN for BNA) The ITAA and their "survey" are both chalk full of shit. The researchers come out on top in this Compuworld piece... I'll include the quotes in the article, not the commentary below and then add my own two cents: [.… more »

Conflicts of Interest between disability and election vendor communities

elections, accessibility, reform, vendors
This is from an editorial in the New York Times from 11 June 2004 entitled, "The Disability Lobby and Voting". I had been discussing with a colleague why we couldn't bridge the gap between the verified voting and disability rights communities... well,… more »
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