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Keep your eyes on the EFF's E-voting Archive

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, copyright, news
Keep your eyes on the EFF's E-voting Archive. Among some of the recent additions are Electronic Voting Machine Information Sheets (authored by yours truly). We'll be adding an information sheet for each DRE on the market and in use this November. E… more » (Electionline Today) RSS feed

elections, reform, feeds, news's "Electionline Today" news page is indispensible if you're as crazy as I am about keeping tabs on the preparations for this November's vote and the prevalence of electronic voting machines. I had my man Carlo to scrape the page to R… more »

Dugger: How They Could Steal the Election This Time

elections, reform, news
This is a must-read article: "How They Could Steal the Election This Time" by Ronnie Dugger in the 16 Aug. issue of The Nation. It might seem a little depressing, but wait until you get to the end and see what exactly all the voter protection groups… more »

SB 1376 passes CA legislature

elections, reform, news
SB 1376 has now passed both the CA senate and assembly This allows: the SoS, AG and any local election official to bring civil action against any legal entity for a variety of things: tampering, comprimising secrecy, planting code, installing… more »

LawGeek: Video unmasks closed-door Diebold meeting in Texas

elections, reform, vendors, news
Jason gets all the good stuff first... I'll post comments when I get a chance to watch the movie. This material could be yet another reason for AGs to prosecute... as if they didn't already have enough. What the fuck does it take for a little prosecut… more »
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