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Comments: NYT's "New Standards for Elections" Editorial

elections, reform, standards, news, open source, secrecy, privacy, politics, problems
The 2004 election may not have an asterisk next to it the way the 2000 election does, but the mechanics of our democracy remained badly flawed. From untrustworthy electronic voting machines, to partisan secretaries of state, to outrageously long lines a… more »

My E-Day at the Legal Command Center in SF

elections, reform, vendors, news, politics, problems, litigation, San Francisco
Other have penned their experiences on Election day (here are some of my favorite write-ups), I will know write mine. My Election Day was bound to be different. As a one-stop human information dump for electronic voting information across the nation… more »

Kim @ Wired News: "E-Vote Vendors Hand Over Software"

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news, open source
A story from the coolest journalist, Kim, at Wired News: In an effort to increase the integrity of next week's presidential election, five voting machine makers agreed for the first time to submit their software to the National Software Reference Lib… more »

Quick News: new CSS and new paper

system, elections, accessibility, reform, open source, politics
A couple quick news items: We just submitted a paper I co-authored (in collaboration with the folks at the OVC), "A PC-Based Open-Source Voting Machine with an Accessible Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot" (PDF), to the USENIX 2005 FREENIX track. Yo… more »

GAO on past election incidents...

system, elections, reform, news
The Government Accountability Office (formerly the General Accounting Office) has released a new report today: "Department of Justice's Activities to Address Past Election-Related Voting Irregularities." In short, the DOJ's Voting Section is screwed and… more »
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