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Charlotte Observer: State plans elections training

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Under Bartlett's plan, the state would pay for any precinct judge to take 12 to 15 90-minute classes in election procedures at any of 13 community colleges. Central Piedmont would be one site. The classes would be voluntary for precinct judges and pa… more »

Dan Tokaji on whatever the hell is going on in OH

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Joining the Verified Voting Advisory Board

elections, reform, news
I am honored and humbled to have been invited to join the Verified Voting Foundation's Advisory Board. I am the dimmest light among a staggering group of luminaries: Cindy Cohn, EFF Lillie Coney, NCVI/EPIC Doug Jones, UI Doug Kellner,… more »

Ballot pseudo-secrecy

elections, reform, standards, secrecy, privacy
One of the things that makes elections so difficult - besides the ridiculousness here in the U.S. of voting on all local, state and federal elections on the same ballot - is the requirement of absolute ballot secrecy. Doug Jones, in his October 2004… more »

Right Polling Place, Wrong Table, No Vote

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(from Dan) The Stark County Board of Elections has rejected over 500 provisional ballots in Stark County, according to this story in the Canton Repository. Some of them were reportedly cast by voters who appeared at the right polling place, but went… more »
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