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Voting System Performance Rating Launch

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Today the [Voting System Performace Rating][vspr] (VSPR) organization launches. I'm the chair of the [Existing Systems Explication][ese] working group. It is a privilege to be a part of such an impressive and properly oriented organization. Here's m… more »

Breaking News: Vote Fraud in Clement County, OH?

elections, reform, news, problems, research
There apparently is good reason to believe that there may have been a coordinated effort to defraud the vote in at least one County in Ohio: Clement County. Check out this paragraph from [a letter from Rep. John Conyers to the FBI about Clement County… more »

Some good news...

system, elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, family, research, policy
Sorry for the light posting as of late... School has started and things are busy. Two new items of news: * Richard, my brother, was just accepted to the [London School of Economics][lse] program to pursue a [MSc in Development Studies][msc]. He won'… more »

EFF: Sham Recount Process on Diebold E-voting Machines

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[This]( is remarkable. > "California law guarantees every voter the right to a recount and requires election officials to produce for public review all materials relevant to that recount," said Gr… more »

More Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine...

elections, reform, standards, news, open source, privacy, SIMS, problems, research
It looks like ACM's WPES allowed more pages than we had thought... so we got to include our entire paper, (as apparently also submitted to the NRC "A Framework for Electronic Voting") "Privacy Issues in An Electronic Voting Machine". more »
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