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GAO e-voting report

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The GAO has finally released it's report on e-voting: Here's the first paragraph from the "What GAO found" section: > While electronic voting systems hold promise for improving the election process, numerous entities have raised concerns about t… more »

ACCURATE's comments to the EAC on 2005 VVSG

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Here is the 50-page document that has been ruling my life (and the lives of a few others) for the past month: This is [ACCURATE][1]'s comments on the [2005 VVSG][2] to the [EAC][3]. Enjoy. I'll return to this later today or tomorrow to explain a… more »

Illinois opens voting system testing information

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(via Alan of the OVC) Illinois just passed [House Bill 1968]( which states (in part): > All test plans, test results, documentation, and other records used to plan, execute, and record the… more »

I learned something today...

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> ### Duverger's Law, Duverger's Hypothesis > In 1951, the French political scientist, [Maurice Duverger](, formulated what he called "a true sociological law" concerning the effects of different electora… more »

At where 2.0... (well not all of it, due to the EAC)

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, San Francisco, research, policy, usability
I'll be at some or all of [Where 2.0] here in SF... let me know if your going to be there and what I shouldn't miss. [Where 2.0]: (Unfortunately, the EAC [has released](… more »
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