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Our SoS responds, technologically, to criticism...

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There's been a variety of flurried harumpfing today over allegations that the California Secretary of State's office "changed the rules" right before a meeting this Monday that will decide the fate of the (currently pending) state certification of the D… more »

More on voting glitches from Tuesday...

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I'm going to summarize a few very interesting voting glitches that we saw last week. (in order of interest to me.) [San Joaquin County, California - S.J. County has election night deja vu](… more »

We might not need totally secret ballot...

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[Thad Hall] over at the [Election Updates] blog rightly points out in [*"An Interesting Question: Do We Need Secret Ballots?"*][1] the flawed thinking of [Lynn Landes]' article [*"Scrap the 'Secret' Ballot -- Return to Open Voting"*][2]. As Hall points… more »

Avi's new book...

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[ACCURATE] director [Avi Rubin]'s new book, [**Brave New Ballot: The Battle to Safeguard Democracy in the Age of Electronic Voting**][1], is available for pre-order at [ACCURATE]: [Avi Rubin]: http://www.cs.jh… more »

More coverage on GAO report...

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[Kim] and I are quoted in a story today ([*"Report finds e-vote promise, problems"*][1]) about the [GAO report] in the [Oakland Tribune] by Ian Hoffman. Man, my first quote makes me sound like a high school girl... the second one is pretty good, thou… more »
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