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SMC Times: Elections Office Gets Tips from Experts

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Rebekah Gordon of the San Mateo Times has written a piece about some of our auditing work: > ### [Elections Office gets tips from experts]( > > By Rebekah Gordon > > SAN MATEO… more »

Why do Federal Election Laws only Apply to Federal Elections?

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Federal election laws like HAVA, limit their mandates to apply to federal elections?congressional and presidential. It may seem silly to some that Congress can only pass election laws that apply to federal elections, unlike in other areas of law wher… more »

Post-Election Manual Auditing of Paper Records Bibliography

elections, reform, research, policy
In order to make sense of all the post-election auditing proposals currently out there, I've created a bibliography of all the post-election audit work that I know of. Please let me know if I've left anything out; my intention is to include *everything… more »

ACCURATE Submits Comments on VSTCP Manual

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##### Cross-posted on the ACCURATE blog: [*"ACCURATE Submits Comments on VSTCP Manual"*]( Today ACCURATE submitted a [public comment][1] to the U.S. [Election Assistance Commis… more »

Maryland patches its voting system

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news, policy, legal
##### (I started writing this as a comment on Ben's post... then realized I would be using way too many links!) [Ben Adida] (now a postdoc at Harvard) points out ([*"Fixing Bugs and Breaking Certification"*](… more »
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