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A Report from the Public Monitor of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

elections, certification/testing, reform, hacks, news, problems, friends, research, policy, legal
After the 2006 primary disaster in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where tens of thousands of absentee ballots had to be hand-counted due to a printing problem, the County Board of Elections appointed a public monitor to oversee the conduct of elections. That p… more »

Report on Voting in Kazakhstan

elections, reform, standards, news, secrecy, politics, friends, policy
(I promise no Borat jokes.) Think we have it bad in terms of electronic voting here in the US? Well, in Kazakhstan, you can sell your vote and the standards for e-voting machines are a state secret. [Doug Jones] recently posted the Final report… more »

Response to "The Facts About Voting System Test Labs"

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news, problems
*The views expressed in this response are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ACCURATE or the NSF.* On Monday of this past week two ACCURATE researchers, Aaron Burstein and Joseph Lorenzo Hall, authored a Guest Observer… more »

Roll Call: "Unlike Ballots, EAC Shouldn?t Be Secretive"

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news, politics, berkeley, problems, research, policy, legal, iSchool
Aaron Burstein and I wrote an op-ed in [Roll Call]( that runs today. We describe how a recent case of secrecy at the Election Assistance Commission, involving its de-accreditation of testing lab Ciber, is actually the tip of a… more »

A House of Voting Cards

elections, certification/testing, reform, news, problems, research, policy
The New York Times revealed last week that one of the Independent Testing Laboratories (ITAs) that qualify voting systems for conformance to the federal voting systems standards, Ciber Laboratories, Inc., had been suspended from approving new machines.… more »
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