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LA SoS gets his hands dirty

elections, accessibility, vendors, news, wtf?
You know the situation is dire with the Secretary of State is driving a semi-truck to deliver voting machines. At least 35 precincts did not have voting machines because drivers hired to deliver the machines had apparently not shown up for work, said… more »

WPES: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine"

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, standards, open source, secrecy, privacy
In case anyone out there is interested, here is the preprint version of our OVC-inspired privacy paper for the ACM's WPES 2004 upcoming in October: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine" Here's the abstract: ABSTRACT In this paper, we d… more »

SB 1438 Passes California Legislature, Now onto Ahnold!

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards
SB 1438, if signed by the terminator, will set into stone regulations that the California Secretary of State, Kevin Shelley, has promulgated in the last year. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DO ENACT AS FOLLOWS: SECTION 1. Article 4 (com… more »

Police to Use Military Crowd-Control Equipment for GOP Convention

elections, accessibility, news, wtf?, chilling effects
NEW YORK - Forget the megaphones. Police will have a much more high-tech -- and louder -- option to make themselves heard over the din of Manhattan traffic and noisy protesters outside the Republican National Convention. It's called the Long Range Ac… more »

Conflicts of Interest between disability and election vendor communities

elections, accessibility, reform, vendors
This is from an editorial in the New York Times from 11 June 2004 entitled, "The Disability Lobby and Voting". I had been discussing with a colleague why we couldn't bridge the gap between the verified voting and disability rights communities... well,… more »
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