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Right Polling Place, Wrong Table, No Vote

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(from Dan) The Stark County Board of Elections has rejected over 500 provisional ballots in Stark County, according to this story in the Canton Repository. Some of them were reportedly cast by voters who appeared at the right polling place, but went… more »

Election Verification Project Press Conference Thursday

elections, accessibility, news, politics, problems
There will be an important press conference on Thursday... A national coalition of voting rights and computer security experts will hold a post-election press conference to provide a preliminary analysis of electronic voting problems and solutions, a… more »

Do You Know Where Your Polling Place Is?

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(Donna (at EFF's DeepLinks) always knows what's up...) is here to help. AP has the scoop: With most states reporting massive new voter registrations and many political observers worrying about potential voter confusion and… more »

Designing Security into Campaign System Architecture

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From a story at Wired News: SFGate has not been alone in seeing markedly increased traffic in recent weeks. In fact, while experts aren't sure if internet-wide traffic is up as a result of the election, it is certain that a wide range of sites have s… more »

Quick News: new CSS and new paper

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A couple quick news items: We just submitted a paper I co-authored (in collaboration with the folks at the OVC), "A PC-Based Open-Source Voting Machine with an Accessible Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot" (PDF), to the USENIX 2005 FREENIX track. Yo… more »
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