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People pissed at bilingual ballots

elections, accessibility, reform, standards, news, policy
Sigh. The dumb bastards. (from [*"Bilingual mailers causing uproar"*](,1299,DRMN_15_4645959,00.html)) >Officials have been flooded with irate calls about bilingual election mailers. They've had to… more »

Voting Technology Suit in PA

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, litigation, policy, legal
A group of PA voters backed by [PFAWF] has filed suit ([complaint in DOC]) in federal court in Pittsburgh against local, state and federal officials for declaratory and injunctive relief. Claims include: [complaint in DOC]: http://www.votetrustusa.… more »

VoterAction files suit in CA against Secretary of State

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, news, chilling effects, berkeley, problems, litigation, policy, legal, threats
A group of California voters[1] filed suit today against the California Secretary of State and all State election officials[2] that plan on using DESI's DRE and optical scan voting machines in upcoming elections. Here is the [complaint](http://www.votet… more »

New paper on ballot design...

elections, accessibility, reform, politics, problems, research
It's an exciting time to be a voting systems researcher. [Michael Alvarez]( of CalTech points ([*"New research paper on ballot design"*](… more »

Alamed Co. voting systems demonstration...

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, vendors, news, privacy, SIMS, berkeley, policy, usability
Many of us voting-interested locals went down to the Alameda County Conference Center yesterday to see Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia and HartIntercivic demonstrated different types of VVPAT-enabled voting systems. [Ping]( has a great post… more »
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