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My 2018 Berkeley I School Commencement Address

I was honored to give the 2018 commencement address at the [UC Berkeley School of Information]( ? my alma mater ? ten years after I graduated with my PhD. The department has grown substantially, and in addition to the M… more »

Some Thoughts on Demanding Passwords at Borders

A simple thought experiment exposes how unimaginably dumb [a proposal to demand traveler/visitor social media usernames and passwords][2] is: imagine if a country demanded President Trump's Twitter password as a condition of his crossing their border.… more »

Helping LA County Build a Voting System

elections, accessibility, reform, standards
This past week I was at the kick-off meeting of the LA County [Voting System Assessment Project's]( (VSAP) Technical Advisory Committee. The VSAP is Registrar/Clerk [Dean Logan's](… more »

Braille vs. OCR in Business Cards

accessibility, photos, usability
A researcher at NIST recently gave me a rather unique business card, with Braille text embossed on the card! Cool! This would be a great thing for those of us that work with people with visual disabilities. One catch, though: OCR-reading softw… more »

Going to EVN? Go to Epazote.

If you're going to the Election Verification Network (EVN) conference next week in Santa Fe, NM, you *have* to go to [Epazote]( Epazote is Mayan-inspired latin american food with 6 different kinds of molé and amazingly… more »
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