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Vulnerable Machines

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So, while waiting on pins and needles to hear from the [Black Box Voting] crew about [their report] concerning [serious vulnerabilities] in DESI DREs, I'll note another Diebold machine acting strangely. [Black Box Voting]: http://www.blackboxvoting.… more »

Our CFP Tutorial

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##### Sorry, this post got mangled in a previous database record. Jack Lerner ([SLTPPC](, Matt Zimmerman ([EFF]( and I just finished a superb "Electronic Voting Primer" as a half-day tutorial at t… more »

Voting Technology Suit in PA

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, litigation, policy, legal
A group of PA voters backed by [PFAWF] has filed suit ([complaint in DOC]) in federal court in Pittsburgh against local, state and federal officials for declaratory and injunctive relief. Claims include: [complaint in DOC]: http://www.votetrustusa.… more »

ITAs show up and speak...

elections, certification/testing, standards
Two of the three voting system ITAs showed up for a recent hearing by Senator Bowen. BBV [has a transcript posted] and here are some choice quotes: [has a transcript posted]: > "[W]hat w… more »

VoterAction files suit in CA against Secretary of State

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A group of California voters[1] filed suit today against the California Secretary of State and all State election officials[2] that plan on using DESI's DRE and optical scan voting machines in upcoming elections. Here is the [complaint](http://www.votet… more »
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