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Some comments and corrections to "Clarity on 'Software independence' in voting systems"

elections, certification/testing, standards, policy, legal
(If you're a regular reader, this will probably be boring... so skip it.) The [Election Technology Blog] recently wrote a post entitled, ["Clarity on 'Software independence' in voting systems"] (presumably authored by Chris Backert who I had the plea… more »

A Window into the Hart Document Review of the California TTBR

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, copyright, hacks, news, secrecy, privacy, berkeley, research, policy, usability, legal
Well, it has been more than 45 days since we submitted our document review report on the Hart System 6.2.1 to the California Secretary of State under the Top-To-Bottom Review (TTBR). According to [our contract] (see page 10): > No Principal Investig… more »

More Uncertified Voting Systems in California?

elections, certification/testing, vendors, news, friends, research, policy, legal
In 2003, the California Secretary of State found that DESI (Diebold Election Systems, Inc.) had marketed and sold voting systems in California that were running software uncertified by the state. In a déjà vu moment, ES&S (Election Systems and So… more »

we interrupt your regular programming...

elections, certification/testing, reform, copyright, litigation, policy, legal
well, this post has been misconstrued by a few people with selective editing to have wider implications than it does. So, I'm withdrawing it. Please don't twist what I say to your advantage. more »

Joe Six-Pack and D&D...

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news, privacy, berkeley, research, policy, iSchool
Daniel Macht of Sacramento's [Capitol Weekly] interviewed me for a story published today ([*"When Dungeons & Dragons meets California elections "*]( talking about the work of the CA So… more »
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