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Kim @ Wired News: "E-Vote Vendors Hand Over Software"

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news, open source
A story from the coolest journalist, Kim, at Wired News: In an effort to increase the integrity of next week's presidential election, five voting machine makers agreed for the first time to submit their software to the National Software Reference Lib… more »

Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Ca. Paper Trail Bill into Law

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news
by Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation. California is the first state in the nation where paperless, electronic voting systems have been widely deployed that is requiring by law that the machines be retrofitted or replaced. With the enac… more »

Doug Jones: "Comments on the EAC TGDC Testimony"

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, news
Doug comes through with another set of great notes from a voting event... this time it was the EAC Technical Guidelines Development Committee hearing on Sept 20, 2004. Some excerpts: I believe that the time has come to ban the use of infrared optica… more »

Voting Machines by County in the United States...

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news
So I did some googling / sleuthing / lexising and tried to use the EDS' voting technology map to figure out what most of the DREs used in counties in the US are... here's a start... if anyone sees anything obviously wrong or has additional information,… more »

WPES: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine"

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, standards, open source, secrecy, privacy
In case anyone out there is interested, here is the preprint version of our OVC-inspired privacy paper for the ACM's WPES 2004 upcoming in October: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine" Here's the abstract: ABSTRACT In this paper, we d… more »
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