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New paper on ballot design...

elections, accessibility, reform, politics, problems, research
It's an exciting time to be a voting systems researcher. [Michael Alvarez]( of CalTech points ([*"New research paper on ballot design"*](… more »

Voting System Information Database

elections, reform, open source, politics, SIMS, research
I just presented the [Voting System Information Database]( that I've created for my final project in [Ray Larson]'s databases class. The data was taken largely from the VVF's [Verifier] tool but I intend for the VSID to b… more »

Cool Voting Machine on eBay...

elections, vendors
I can't afford this, but I encourage someone to buy it... it's a neat old-school voting machine made by Automatic Voting Machine Corp.: more »

Our SoS responds, technologically, to criticism...

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, feeds, news, policy
There's been a variety of flurried harumpfing today over allegations that the California Secretary of State's office "changed the rules" right before a meeting this Monday that will decide the fate of the (currently pending) state certification of the D… more »

AB 369 in California

elections, certification/testing, vendors, news, legal
There's a bill that implicates electronic voting in the California Assembly that I haven't heard anyone mention. The bill is AB 369 and it's title is cryptic and undescriptive: ["An act to amend Section 19250 of the Elections Code, relating to vot… more »
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