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Weird package shenanigans

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Weird. I came home today to find a huge package at my door. From [Land's End]. I wasn't surprised to see a package; I had ordered 4 charcoal grey t-shirts with a pocket, reprazent. But this damn package was huge (like 3'x3'x3'). I open it up and… more »

Carl Malamud, "(Re-)Defining the Public Domain"

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[Carl Malamud] gave today's [Distinguished Lecture] at the [UC Berkeley School of Information] entitled, "(Re-)Defining the Public Domain". Audio of the event is [here][1] and some pictures are [here][2]. It was a fascinating talk -- almost a perf… more »

Avi and the Maryland Primary...

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[Avi Rubin], the director of my grant ([ACCURATE]) has an amazing account of his day as a poll worker in Baltimore, MD: [*"My day at the polls - Maryland primary '06"*]( His… more »

An Academic Epiphany

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So, for two weeks, I have been struggling with a project of mine trying to get it into a shape where I could submit it to a hip-and-happening conference in the UK ([WOTE'06]). On Tuesday of this week, I resigned myself to look towards the long-term and… more »

Changing the NQB2 pic...

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I figured this would be a great picture of me to associate with my blog... straight out of the late 70s, born with a beer in my hand: So, if you visit NQB2, you'll see the beach shot of me on the right replaced with this. ##### Um, of course i… more »
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