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How to turn off Smilies in b2evolution...

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Have I mentioned lately that I love my blog tool, b2evo? It's bad ass. However, it is shipped by default to render smilies within the text of the post... and, in some cases, you'll want to be turning off smilies. For example, to say "C&D" b2ev… more »

AKMA's Random Thoughts: So Weirdly Wrong

system, blogging, wtf?, secrecy, chilling effects
A must-read post from an opressed wifi user... the officer's rationale makes no sense whatsoever. "It's a law, sir; if someone comes along and downloads child photography (that wasn't the exact word the officer used) and it goes through their [sc., t… more »

The Olympics totally suck

In addition to Cory noting the unprecedented brand whoring of the Olympics this year... Arthur pointed out that there is extensive media whoring as well. And no one's immune! Not even my local NPR station (KALW) which put this notice up: PLEASE NOTE:… more »

A reflective post...

system, blogging
This is a reflective post... what does that mean for all 2 of you reading it? Well, that means that any notion you had of this being a topical blog is about to be blown out the window. From this sentence onwards, it's all belly button lint and me, me,… more »

Ode to a new blog

My old blog recently died. It was a long, drawn-out and breathless death... not a pretty thing to witness for someone so intimately involved with it. It was a Moveable Type blog... and the folks at MT decided that it would be wise to use Perl's DB_FILE… more »
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