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b2evolution: How to clear evo_hitlog?

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So, as Dave has pointed out, I'm having some problems with N.Q.B.'s MySQL database (You can see the error by highlighting the text at the bottom of this page). I've posted a lengthy comment to the b2evolution forum and hope that some of those clever bas… more »

Designing Security into Campaign System Architecture

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From a story at Wired News: SFGate has not been alone in seeing markedly increased traffic in recent weeks. In fact, while experts aren't sure if internet-wide traffic is up as a result of the election, it is certain that a wide range of sites have s… more »

Quick News: new CSS and new paper

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A couple quick news items: We just submitted a paper I co-authored (in collaboration with the folks at the OVC), "A PC-Based Open-Source Voting Machine with an Accessible Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot" (PDF), to the USENIX 2005 FREENIX track. Yo… more »

Back to B.K.S Iyengar

The image above is of B.K.S. Iyengar in full lotus and namasté. I've done Iyengar yoga off-and-on for about ten years. Lately, it's been more off than on. Although, strangely enough, during the past couple of weeks, I've been returning… more »

GAO on past election incidents...

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The Government Accountability Office (formerly the General Accounting Office) has released a new report today: "Department of Justice's Activities to Address Past Election-Related Voting Irregularities." In short, the DOJ's Voting Section is screwed and… more »
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