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NRC: "A Framework for Understanding Electronic Voting"

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The Committee for Electronic Voting - under the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) of the National Academies' National Research Council (NRC) - recently issued a call for papers for input on what questions policy makers should be think… more »

Google Alerts?

This could be old news... Everyone knows that you can sign up for Google to send you alerts about a news items that match a query. However, it looks like it also allows you to get alerts whenever something is added to the Google search results for th… more »

Calculating Word Frequency from the Command-line

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Word frequency calculations can be very helpful... I was poking around trying to find a simple command-line tool that would calculate word frequency and came across a great solution (with lots of help from "GNU texutils: Putting the Tools Together" and… more »

A Simple Method for Inserting a Bloglines Blogroll

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Have I mentioned that I like Bloglines, lately? One cool feature is that you can export the list of what you read as a blogroll. Bloglines offers a JavaScript and an HTML blogroll that you can embed in your blog. Naturally, I choose to use the HTML… more »

How To Upgrade to Firefox 1.0 from a Previous Version

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**UPDATE [2005-04-17 20:18:10]:** See [this post]( for the most current version of these instructions. In an early post ("Spread Firefox - Hot as Hell" 09/18/04) I detailed th… more »
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