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Some good news...

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Sorry for the light posting as of late... School has started and things are busy. Two new items of news: * Richard, my brother, was just accepted to the [London School of Economics][lse] program to pursue a [MSc in Development Studies][msc]. He won'… more »

Displaying Recently Played Tracks on Blogs

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(I think this will work for any PHP blog like [wordpress][wp] or [b2evolution][b2].) [wp]: [b2]: So [danah][] (via [various posts][vp]) has got me really into [Last.FM][lf] (and the associated [Audioscr… more »

What do you believe that you cannot (yet) prove?

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*"What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"* The quote below is from an NYT piece where 14 scientists were asked the same question: *"What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?"* > **Donald Hoffman** > *Cog… more »

Posting to be light lite lyte...

I just finished the last paper of the semester... tomorrow I'm off to visit my Mom in Las Cruces, veinte millas desde México con mi hermano que visita a nosotros desde Pánama. Él es un voluntario del Peace Corps. It's time to tak… more »

What Disk Space Was Lost, Now is Found

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You are not going to believe this. Short story: don't buy the [Adesso Intellimedia Pro MAC Ergonomic Keyboard][keyboard]. ### The Problem ### I used [WhatSize][ws] to scope out my disk usage as recommended by [Nathan Spindel][nathan] in the commen… more »
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