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Trouble installing WPBlacklist 2.8...

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*I had a bit of difficulty installing WPBlacklist 2.8 for a Wordpress blog... here's how I recovered.* So, the spammers have hit the [p2p blog]( (I can't use [AuthImage](… more »

NQB has a slight NQBug...

system, blogging, hacks
Sorry, for some reason, my blogging software, [b2evo](, has a bug where having "`p2p`" as part of the permalink causes the permalinked-to post not to render. I'm currently looking for a fix... until then, if you come across any p… more »

A Letter From My ISP,

system, chilling effects, policy
I received a letter from my ISP, []( It basically describes that BellSouth has filed at the FCC for deregulation of DSL broadband services. This will mean that I really might only have two broadband choices in the futur… more »

Try Unsubscribing from State Department Email Lists...

system, wtf?, usability
How hard is it to unsubscribe from a State Department Email List? Plenty damn hard. Read on if you've got a strong stomach. I've been subscribed to a certain mailing list -- the United States Department of State Consular Information Sheet mail… more »

`nofollow` for b2evolution...

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[NQB 2.0][nqb2] shows up in various sets of search results, occasionally for something useful, but mostly for stupid crap. Crap that I felt the need to blog but Google thinks I may actually know jack about (take a look at the stats page linked to at rig… more »
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