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It's an exodus, y'all...

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Like [Judd] (and [so][so] [many] sims students), I'm going to be moving on to my own domain. I just got [] and will move this blog to ``, as soon as I can find a good web host. [judd]: http://www.technotaste.… more »

Another change to NQB2 feeds...

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I've changed the NQB2 feed scheme again... read on if you care or liked the full-text feeds. A few people have contacted me wanting the option of subscribing to an NQB2 feed without the full text of the entries. So, I've rolled back the previous… more »

An example of what to do when Apple breaks things...

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##### (or how to get the Brahms Composer and AgentViewer running under Mac OS X 10.3.8 on an external drive's partition) A few weeks ago, Apple pushed its version 10.3.9 update of its operating system via Software Update. Many of us geeky Mac users… more »

PHP Markdown 1.0.2b2

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Well, I've just made the switch from PHP Markdown 1.0.1 to [PHP Markdown 1.0.2b2]. I also solved a small problem with using [PHP Markdown] with [b2evolution] (see below). Now, I can write links like this: [PHP Markdown]:… more »

Using Full Keyboard Access on Mac OS X

system, hacks, usability
So, for the longest time I have been wondering how to tab through options in OS X applications using the keyboard. For example, the keyboard shortcut for logging out is SHFT-CMD-Q, but if you hit this on accident, you have to find the mouse and click "… more »
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