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Creating release notes from CVS logs...

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[cvs2cl] is a great perl script that will take CVS log entries and produce a well-organized change log or set of release notes. (*It's currently in need of a maintainer if anyone out there can handle that.*) [cvs2cl]: more »

Ah, Security

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##### (So, I actually debated with myself as to whether or not I should blog this... in the end, I figured I should. Hopefully, no one will loose their job and any remedy won't cost Berkeley's EECS department too much in terms of resources.) I was g… more »

Seen in IM today...

>**Person 1**: academia seems more and more lame >**Person 2**: just no different than elsewhere more »

Losing patience with Bloglines... it's starting to suck!

system, blogging, feeds, wtf?, chilling effects, usability
I am totally losing my patience with [Bloglines]( Their interface has been wholly inconsistent for the past week. Things such as omission of the "collapse" feature (which allows skipping a bunch of entries… more »

NQB2 on the move! (Or "How to move a b2evo blog")

system, blogging, hacks
So you may notice that I've moved NQB2 to a new web host (hint: take a look at the new URL... ). You should update your feeds (see the list in the panel at right). It was a pretty clean move, if you notice any funny business, please send me an ema… more »
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