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Getting a Let's Encrypt certificate without root on a cPanel domain

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I'm a big fan of my friends and colleagues at [Let's Encrypt](, an effort to make it easier to encrypt the web by offering web encryption certificates for free, for ever. At first, free Let's Encrypt (LE) certificates were no… more »

Sorry, China!

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I have to apologize to China, although if you're Chinese proper, I doubt you'll see this apology unless you're on vacation somewhere else or using a proxy. I've noticed a steady uptick in traffic to this site, notably this blog, over the past few mon… more »

Thunderbird and .ics files from Exchange

system, hacks, wtf?
Sigh. Outlook should die, die, die. Short version: if you use Thunderbird to read email and you regularly get `meeting.ics` files from people, install [Show All Body Parts]( i… more »

And, we're back...

Due to a php upgrade at my wonderful host [Birdhouse], this blog has be inoperable for a few months... I've upgraded the [b2evolution] software underneath and will try to write about once a week. I've disabled comments as they're totally useless, [don't… more »

"Can't Load Visual Basic for Applications"

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I recently migrated from an older MacBook Pro 15" to a newer 13" and whenever I launch Microsoft Office Word, I get the following error... and a doozy of an error it is: Not only is this an error that makes Word completely unusable -- you have to… more »
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