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Ashkahn pointed me to this great minimalist free and open source software license: DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, December 2004 Copyright (C) 2004 [YOUR NAME] [YOUR ADD… more »

Random Thoughts (2008-01-08)

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* [Neurosis]' new album [*Given to the Rising*] is drop-dead gorgeous... some of the best music I've heard in a long time. A dude at [Lanesplitters] tells me that the vinyl version has a DVD inside that explains the artwork and the arc of the album. A… more »

Daily Mammal is totally impressive

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A friend, Jennifer at the [Daily Mammal], just completed what can only be called a mammalathon: she [illustrated 24 mammals in 24 hours]. The idea was to have people sponsor a mammal by donating to $25 each to [Defenders of Wildlife], then Jennifer wou… more »

XO yo

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Due to a recent gift for having lived 30 years now, I'm super-excited to be getting an XO laptop ([OLPC XO-1]) through the [One Laptop Per Child]'s *["Give one, get one"]* (G1G1) program. Who knew that being geekily philanthropic could be so much f… more »
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