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Trolls of the long-lived variety

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Some of you close to me will know that I spent a brief period of unpleasantness trying to do good work on Wikipedia when I was in graduate school. I haven't made serious substantive edits to Wikipedia since that time. The "high-water mark" of that pe… more »

Paul Duguid and Andrew Keen Debate

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Today, the [UC Berkeley][ucb] [School of Information] hosted, as part of its distinguished lecture series, a debate between [Andrew Keen] and [Paul Duguid], moderated by [Geoff Nunberg] (the event was co-sponsored by the [Berkeley Center for New Media],… more »

The Wire, Season 4 DVDs

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OMG, Amazon has [a page up][1] for the DVDs of [The Wire][2]'s 4th season!!! The Wire, in my humble opinion, is ***the best*** television series ever. (although I'm a big fan of Battlestar and Deadwood... and then there's Xena and Buffy) [1]:… more »

Wikipedia: "Tech Law Prof"

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This is a curious little wikipdedia page: [Tech Law Prof]( Comments? ##### (Comments are open for a bit on this one) more »


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[totally]( [fascinates]( me. more »
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