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Fat Ass Gurney

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We're such fatasses we're starting to [need heavy duty gurneys][1]! [1]: more »

A Great Piedmont (East Bay) Run

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This is a new 4mi. run I've just added to my repertoire (Here's [the route on the Gmaps Pedometer]). It starts by the Rose Garden in Oakland, goes up Oakland Ave (a *big* hill), then takes Highland and Mandala back down to Oakland and hooks up with Gra… more »

For Igor...

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To the motorcyclist that pushed Igor off his bicycle this weekend: **Fuck you and I hope you get pushed off your bike, bitch!** There's a special type of bad karma/hell for people that fuck with bicylcists (and I'm not talking about the critical mass… more »

RSI is back... but I'm prepared

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So, my RSI is back in full effect. I took [Judd]'s advice and purchased some wrist braces that I can wear at night and during the day when it gets really bad. [Judd]: [Karl]: [David Wagner]:… more »

Way meta...

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> Folks out there in Bloglandia seem really often to run up against the same kinds of concerns at the same moments, without necessarily knowing about one another, as though there?s something in the zeitgeist that suddenly makes its way to consciousnes… more »
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