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  1. § John Carmichael said on :
    I can think of one! Have you tried NewsGator? www.newsgator.com

    NewsGator has an online "FREE" offering with an extremely robust feature offering. And if your RSS aggregation needs change in the future where you may require multiple device (PDA,Mobile, Balckberry etc...) an upgrade is available enabling your entire subscription list to be synchronized and designatable to any specific location.

    In respect to full disclosure, I am the Dir. of Business Development for NewsGator so some could view this as biased, however if I were with any of my previous companies in the same capacity, I would have NG as my aggregator of choice.
  2. § Doug Tygar said on :
    Indeed, it has gotten so bad that I wonder if their early responsiveness might not have just been a ploy to make them more attractive for takeover. It seems that AskJeeves has no interest in making them better.
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