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  1. § Judd Antin said on :
    I make an average of about $3.00 / month off of anywhere from 30 - 80 (on a very good day) visitors per day. But if I could track it (which I can't), I'd guess that almost all the clicks come from people who are looking for the Firefox searchbar plugin for Google Maps that I wrote last year. All my other posts are about tech. or anthro. or just crapola, and I think there is an extremely small community of people who regularly read those posts, and those people aren't likely to click on the ads.

    So what I'm saying is, maybe it isn't just the sheer # of vistors, but the type of visitors a site gets.
  2. § Mano Marks said on :
    I have done so once, twice, once because it was silly, and I just had to see it, and once because it was something I happened to be looking for in the search I did that led me to the page that had the google ad on it. I think, however, that that is more than I've ever clicked on banner ads, at least in the last few years.
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