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  1. § Dan Wallach Email said on :
    A far more likely threat is that somebody just flat-out steals your iPhone. Pick it up and take it with you.
  2. § EKR Email said on :
    I must not care about security because I don't have a lock on my iPhone. I'm trying to figure out what the convincinh argument for doing it is.
  3. § joe® Email said on :
    Well, I'm not sure about a "convincinh" argument but I have apps, like the mint.com app, that display pretty seriously sensitive information without an app-level lock.
  4. § Chris Email said on :
    I ran across this when I was looking around for some of the work you did on post election audits. You can turn the phone off when you get up. You have to deal with the fun wait for reboot when you're back, but it will always prompt for the passcode on boot.
  5. § Debra Abinanti Email said on :
    On the calculator where is the percent sign?
    I'm always doing a percentage of figures I don't know how it done on Iphone.
  6. § joe® Email said on :
    well, the divide sign is there... so just divide things by 100, yo.
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