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Braille vs. OCR in Business Cards

accessibility, photos, usability
A researcher at NIST recently gave me a rather unique business card, with Braille text embossed on the card! Cool! This would be a great thing for those of us that work with people with visual disabilities. One catch, though: OCR-reading softw… more »

Time-stamp at the Bottom of HTML files with Emacs

Do you edit HTML in Emacs? If so, this might be interesting to you: The Emacs Wiki has a [great little hint]( that will update a time-stamp at the bottom of an HTML file when you save it. The idea is to use Em… more »

Revisualizing the NTIA MSH Polling Data

hacks, policy, privacy, usability
The NTIA today [released notes from the first MSH meeting]( on consumer privacy today. However, I couldn't easily understand the format they reported [their data (PDF)](http://ww… more »
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