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ATLAS.ti Software Compatibility

wtf?, research, usability
This is a rant; you may want to move on. As part of my work, I interact regularly with a piece of software, ATLAS.ti, that permits various forms of qualitative data analysis. Think of a project where we may have 30 or so interview transcripts and we… more »

Rest in Peace, Yale Braunstein

berkeley, friends, policy, education, iSchool
[Yale Braunstein](, a professor at UC Berkeley's School of Information, passed away last night. Yale was a significant influence in reinforcing my interests in information and technology policy. In his Inf… more »

Transparent Signature Stamps for PDFs

system, legal
Occasionally, I need to sign something digitally (not in the crypto sense). With Acrobat Pro, I can just copy and paste an image of my signature... but copying and pasting an image into Acrobat doesn't preserve transparency, so my signature will block s… more »

Turning Tables on Censor Circumvention

hacks, open source, privacy, research, usability
Stanford's crypto group has just released a neat piece of research: [Flash Proxies]( The idea is very cool: create a ton of censorship-circumvention nodes directly in web browsers and then coordinate traffic b… more »

An Easy (if kludgy) Way to Clean Up Apps in iTunes

system, hacks
From time to time I use [OmniDiskSweeper]( on my Mac to point out what parts of my hard drive are getting particularly full. Sure, computer scientists say, "Just buy more disk!" but I find it more use… more »
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