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Going to EVN? Go to Epazote.

If you're going to the Election Verification Network (EVN) conference next week in Santa Fe, NM, you *have* to go to [Epazote]( Epazote is Mayan-inspired latin american food with 6 different kinds of molé and amazingly… more »

Munging CSV with Emacs regexp

*(This post is mostly for me, as I end up doing things like this infrequently and tend to forget how to do it.)* I recently found myself with a [CSV file]( that looked like so: First,Last,Aff… more »

Explaining Tor to Non-Technical Students

privacy, education
A few months ago, the German police raided a German Tor operator and seized all of his computing equipment. To get his stuff back, this operator explained to the police how Tor works using envelopes within envelopes to describe onion routing. When I… more »

Indie Usability Field Guides for Elections

elections, accessibility, usability
A friend, [Dana Chisnell][2], is starting a kickstarter campaign, [*"Field Guides for Ensuring Voter Intent"*][1], to develop and produce a series of design and usability field guides for election officials. Dana, among many other things, is the co-aut… more »
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