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First Impressions of G+

privacy, friends, usability
I recently started using Google's newly-released social network service, Google+ (or G+). First, I should say that I left facebook and deleted my account there in May of 2010 after a series of privacy-related screw-ups had me setting and resetting th… more »

Firefox and Foreground Cookie Windows

hacks, open source, photos, usability
Today I was reminded of a behavior I'm not a big fan of in FireFox: foregrounding of cookie allow/deny dialog windows when I click on a link in another application. Here's what happened, and possibly how you can reproduce it: 1. First, I run firef… more »

Please Don't Eliminate the EAC

elections, reform, standards, policy
Below is my letter to my congressman, [Steve Rothman], asking him to vote against [HR 672], which will be debated tomorrow on the House floor and likely up for a vote on Wednesday. While I've been critical of the Election Assistance Commission (EA… more »

Converting RSS Feeds to Twitter Streams

blogging, feeds
I don't use my feed reader any more. I don't know why... maybe I just had too many feeds. Maybe it was getting *too* social with "likes" and such in Google Reader. I use Twitter much, much more these days. However, some blogs/people will never post… more »

NQB2 is back... soon.

Many apologies!  My glorious webhost ([Birdhouse Hosting]) upgraded it's PHP version to one that rendered the older version of the [b2evo] blog software inoperable. So, this blog has been throwing up serious PHP errors in everyone's face for a while no… more »
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