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Twitter-Savvy Comcast Support Rules!

The following is a letter I just sent to supervisors in the Comcast Twitter support team: > To: ``, `` > Hello, > I'm a Comcast Cable customer in New Jersey and a bit of a geek. I'm v… more »

Upgrading iPhone 2G to 3.1.2

hacks, open source, research, education
The [iPhone Dev Team is on it](! The skinny: updating to 3.1.2 is as simple as creating a custom firmware file and then Option+Restore via iTunes. It's that simple. Here is the more verbose ver… more »

Upgrading to Snow Leopard

system, hacks, open source
Well, I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard (SL) and it went pretty dang smoothly, I must say. Especially, considering that I did a full "Erase and Install", where one erases their old disk, does a new installation of SL by booting from the SL DVD (and i… more »

CA TTBR Investigators Send Letter to the EAC

elections, reform, standards, friends, policy, iSchool
**UPDATE [2009-11-05T17:17:41]:** The EAC [replied] and we [responded]. [replied]:… more »

Upgrading iPhone 2G to 3.1

system, hacks, open source, education
**Warning:** The following assumes that you have a 2G iPhone, a Mac laptop or desktop and some familiarity with the command-line. I just had perhaps the most painless iPhone OS upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.1. (here is [the last installment on upgrading to… more »

Problems with Guest Accounts on Mac OS X

system, hacks, friends, education
***Note: this applies to Leopard (10.5), not Snow Leopard (10.6); SL apparently has its own [serious guest account problems]( (Thanks, [Harlan](*** Today, a f… more »
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