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On the NYC Marriage Bureau waiting times...

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I think I've told the world... but, if you don't know, here it is again: Chelle and I are getting married in a few weeks via a civil ceremony at the [NYC Marriage Bureau][1]. Michelle's parents, Pat and Dave, will be there and we're all pretty damn exc… more »

On Female Jerkin' MCs (NSFW)

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***Warning: This is a rap music blog post! It also contains frank discussion of sex, drugs and rap, hopefully from a somewhat academic perspective, so it's NSFW. If you come here for other stuff, usually, you might want to skip this post.*** Via M… more »

Plaudits for (Post-Election) Audits

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Plaudits for (Post-Election) Audits (by Mark Lindeman; Presented at the EVT/WOTE 2009 Rump Session) Say you?re eager to be voting, on some candidates you?re doting, While you?re waiting in the polling place this thought might give you pau… more »

EVT/WOTE 2009, Day 2

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Day 2 of [EVT/WOTE 2009][3] was on the highly mathematical side. The cryptographic papers and auditing papers were presented on Day 2. We started off with a superb tutorial by [Ben Adida] entitled "Voting Cryptography for Non-Cryptographers". Ben sta… more »

First Day of EVT/WOTE 2009

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We had a wonderful first day at [EVT/WOTE 2009][2], yesterday. More than 80 of the best thinkers in voting technology are here mixing it up in Montreal. We have computer scientists, usability experts, legal experts, advocates and voting system vendors… more »

Upgrading iPhone 2G to 3.0.1

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**Warning:** The following assumes that you have a 2G iPhone, a Mac laptop or desktop and some familiarity with the command-line. I've written before about how it's a pain to upgrade my jailbroken, unlocked 2G iPhone (here is [my post on getting up t… more »
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