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Bye Bye, Beardy

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No more beard for a while, I suppose. I've had a beard or sideburns since 1993, even when I had a shaved head. Srsly. more »

David Sedaris quote...

...from the current New Yorker where he discusses his affinity for spiders ([*April & Paris*]): > There have been other [*Tegenaria*] since then, a new population every summer, and though I still feed them and monitor their comings and goings, it… more »

Paul Duguid and Andrew Keen Debate

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Today, the [UC Berkeley][ucb] [School of Information] hosted, as part of its distinguished lecture series, a debate between [Andrew Keen] and [Paul Duguid], moderated by [Geoff Nunberg] (the event was co-sponsored by the [Berkeley Center for New Media],… more »

Feel the Trolls!

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The b3st3st p/\ssw0rd e\/ar!

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[Yuri]( has found the bestest password evar: [-:-|lI.!]( more »

New WMAP Results

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The Universe is 13.73 (0.12) billion years old. Seems like if we know so well how old the Universe is, we should probably start celebrating it's birthday, right? more »

iSchool PhDs, Yo

We had a remarkable number of the current PhD students at the [School of Information] in one room today. Photos were taken. (Photo taken by John Ward) [School of Information]: more »

On apostrophes, quotation marks and typesetting in LaTeX

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After checking out [Apostrophe Atrophy] (via [Gruber]), I ran across this post ([*"Ticked Off"*][1]) at [A Thousand Times No] about typographical use of apostrophes, quotation marks, dumb quotes, primes and double primes. In that post, the author l… more »
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