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Photos and Video from Manual Tally Observations

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I've been involved in a lengthy project to create procedures that any California County can use to do their 1% Manual Tally (as prescribed by [CA Election Code 15360]). In the process, I've observed the selection and manual tally in a few California… more »

Randomness in Pop Culture: The Traveler and NCfOM

If you know me, you know I'm interested in the use and misuse of randomness in policy. Two recent uses of randomness in pop culture sparked some thoughts on the notion of randomness used for decision-making. The book, [The Traveler], by the mysterious… more »

Will Some Ohio Polling Places Be Inadvertantly Shut Down on Election Day?

elections, reform, problems, research, policy, legal
Many of us are seriously worried about Ohio's March 4 primary. I highly recommend Ned Foley's article, [*"Administering the March 4 Primary in Ohio"*][1], which lists five things we should all keep our eyes on. In the 8th paragraph of Prof. Foley's ar… more »

Dice Binning Calculator

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This is probably most interesting to the election officials out there. (although I point out a few points of academic interest at the end) I've written a quick calculator based on the [Cordero, Wagner and Dill](… more »

Quick one-liner to export from a DB to CSV

We recently received some data in an sqldump that we wanted in CSV format. Here's how you can use sed to tranform it into CSV (from [here]( This should all be one line... mysql -u user -p dbname -B -e "SEL… more »

Henry Jenkins: "Combating the Participation Gap: Why New Media Literacy Matters"

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Henry Jenkins is the Co-Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and the Peter de Flores Professor of Humanities. On Wednesday, February 6th, 2008, Professor Jenkins spoke at the [UC Berkeley School of Information](http://www.ischool.berkel… more »

Random Thoughts 20080210

* The NAU Department of Physics and Astronomy is looking for a replacement telescope for their department (from which I graduated in 2000). If you have $50,000 and want your name on a sweet [Ritchey-Chretien]( Telescope… more »

Feb. 5, 2008 Presidential Primary at Precinct 225400

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On Tuesday I was a poll inspector at Alameda County precinct 225400. Since I am moving after I get my degree, this will likely be the last time I'll able to serve. This was the second time that I've served as the poll inspector this precinct in Oakland… more »

Pollworkers should be celebrated as gods...

'nuff said. more »

Go Vote!

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Go vote, you won't regret it. And consider being a pollworker in the future. *Way* better than jury duty... and people occasionally feed you cookies. more »

What's more difficult than being a pollworker? Being a sick pollworker.

Tomorrow I'll be a pollworker in California again. I was a pollworker in Nov. 2006 and was surprised at how difficult the task is ([*"The General Election at Precinct 225400"*]( It's… more »

Sorry to disappoint...

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people like [Yuri], who cannot vote, but I'm more than likely not voting for Obama. (I should emphasize that I won't fill out my ballot until Tuesday, so I can be persuaded for the next 40 hours... I'll be unavailable on Tuesday starting at 6am du… more »

2007 ACCURATE Annual Report

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Our NSF CiberTrust Center, [ACCURATE](, has released its [2007 Annual Report]( This report highlights the research, education and outreach act… more »
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