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A Gift of Photos

photos, family
For this past Christmas, one of the coolest gifts I got was from my father. It was a CDROM of a couple hundred old photos from our past, digitized at high-resolution from old negatives and slides. Here are some highlights from the 165 or so I uplo… more »

ABA Panel: The Evolution of Voting Technology

elections, reform, standards, news, politics, berkeley, problems, friends, research, policy, legal, iSchool
If you're in Los Angeles in two weeks, come see this panel Deirdre and I will be on. (if you're a lawyer, you get CLE credits) *American Bar Assocation, Standing Committee on Election Law presents a FREE CLE program:* ### The Evolution of Voting T… more »


I realized the other day that I'm an undecided voter. I'm looking to be wooed, I suppose. *(I usually try to not mention the flavor of my political leanings. Working in elections can mean that any partisan flavor can and most likely will be use… more »

Don't Forget to Register to Vote!

elections, news, friends, policy
As [Kim "daredevil democracy fighter and all-around good gal" Alexander says][1], the last day to register to vote in CA is on Tuesday, January 22. You need to register if: 1. It's your first time voting. 2. If you've moved. 3. If you'd like to ch… more »

Success with the Wetshave

Yes, this is another shaving post. Deal with it. Success. Today I had my first completely successful wetshave. It's a remarkable thing, really. To know that you don't have to buy Gillette or any other company's crappy products... to know that you… more »

South Hall Palm Tree Has Fallen

SIMS, berkeley, education, iSchool
Around midnight Jan. 9 2008, the large palm tree on the southwest side of South Hall fell down. From the look of it, a steam pipe underneath the root system essentially cooked the palm's root system. I took some pictures of the magnificent shrub, cli… more »

Random Thoughts (2008-01-08)

music, wtf?, education, development
* [Neurosis]' new album [*Given to the Rising*] is drop-dead gorgeous... some of the best music I've heard in a long time. A dude at [Lanesplitters] tells me that the vinyl version has a DVD inside that explains the artwork and the arc of the album. A… more »

Wetshaving is a good thing...

hacks, photos, research
Well, it's probably no doubt a lingering influence from the very wonderful Mr. Burton's [*Sweeney Todd*], but I recently decided to get a bit more serious about shaving. After a bit of research, it turns out that you can get a better shave by just… more »
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