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Daily Mammal is totally impressive

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A friend, Jennifer at the [Daily Mammal], just completed what can only be called a mammalathon: she [illustrated 24 mammals in 24 hours]. The idea was to have people sponsor a mammal by donating to $25 each to [Defenders of Wildlife], then Jennifer wou… more »

Definging "random" in Ohio

elections, reform, standards, wtf?, problems, friends, research, policy, legal
[Ohio is one of the many states]( that has a paper trail (VVPAT) requirement but doesn't also conduct post-election audits (hand tallying of the paper records as a check against the e… more »

Tinkering in Clouds

secrecy, privacy, friends, research, policy, education
Ed Felten [just announced]( a cool workshop at Princeton January 14-15, called "Computing in the Cloud". > The agenda for our workshop on the social and policy implications of "Computing in the Cloud" is now a… more »

Ohio EVEREST Reports Released

elections, certification/testing, hacks, news, secrecy, privacy, problems, friends, research, policy, usability, legal
Here is a statement that the PIs on our team released: On December 14th, 2007, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner released the results of a comprehensive review of her state?s electronic voting technology. The study, called *Project EVEREST*… more »

An Open Government Salvo in 8 Shots

system, elections, open source, secrecy, privacy, politics, friends, research, policy, legal
It's rare that I get to sit in a room with 30 heavyweights -- including [O'Reilly], [Lessig] and [Malamud] -- and talk about the one thing that interests me most: government transparency. [O'Reilly]: [Lessig]: http://www.le… more »

OuijaVote 2008!

elections, news, wtf?, berkeley, policy
This is a pretty clever piece of art... [Keats] took [Ken Goldberg]'s networked Ouija Board and turned it into a collective consciousness voting booth. [Keats]: [Ken Goldberg]:… more »

New music...

music, berkeley, San Francisco, photos, friends, iSchool
On Sundays I try to get around to updating [my XMLified concert list]... and today I did. When I do this, I tend to stumble upon new interesting music. Some things I've stumbled on lately: [my XMLified concert list]:… more »

Thanks to the mysterious liquor provider...

wtf?, friends
When I was away for xgiving, [FedEx Home Delivery]( (whatever the heck that is) tried to deliver a package three times. Of course, I was away and unable to get it... the weird part was that i… more »
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