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Craig Newmark podcast

berkeley, policy, podcasts, iSchool
Craig Newmark (the "Craig" in [craigslist]) gave a talk here at the School of Information today on ["What can the Social Entrepreneurship and ICT for Development field learn from Craigslist?"]( You can find… more »

Quick note on comment "policy"

I tend to allow comments on post for a limited amount of time and then close them. When a post gets a bit out of hand (in my estimation), I may close comments out. This doesn't mean you can't still comment... just have to send me an email with the com… more »

Ubuntu is freakin' awesome

open source
Never be afraid of Linux again. I just installed [Ubuntu] 7.10 on a Dell notebook and it is an amazing user experience. While I had to ask an officemate a couple questions about Windows recently, I didn't have to ask anyone anything about Ubuntu. I… more »

MN Post Election Audit Summit (day 2)

elections, reform, standards, friends, research, policy, legal
(I've reopened comments on this post for a few days. BTW, this is post 999!) Today, I'm continuing my liveblogging of the [Post Election Audit Summit] in Minneapolis, MN. Debra Bowen (California Secretary of State) gave this morning's keynote (pict… more »

MN Post Election Audit Summit

elections, certification/testing, reform, secrecy, privacy, politics, berkeley, friends, research, policy, legal
##### I've reopened comments for a few days on this post. I'm here at the [Post Election Audit Summit] in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are about 100 election officials, technical types and advocates in the same room talking about the very difficul… more »

Weird package shenanigans

system, wtf?, photos
Weird. I came home today to find a huge package at my door. From [Land's End]. I wasn't surprised to see a package; I had ordered 4 charcoal grey t-shirts with a pocket, reprazent. But this damn package was huge (like 3'x3'x3'). I open it up and… more »

For Igor...

wtf?, chilling effects, berkeley, friends, exercise, iSchool
To the motorcyclist that pushed Igor off his bicycle this weekend: **Fuck you and I hope you get pushed off your bike, bitch!** There's a special type of bad karma/hell for people that fuck with bicylcists (and I'm not talking about the critical mass… more »

random stuff

* I'll be updating some links with respect to [Carl Malamud's talk] last week... Carl has mixed in audio from the 31 videos he showed during the talk so that you can at least experience higher-fidelity audio associated with the presentation. A video of… more »

A Lighter Moment About Randomness...

elections, standards, hacks, friends, research
(This is funny, but you have to let me build it up with context...) In elections, especially in election audits, we often have to produce random numbers that an observer can prove to themselves came from a true source of randomness. Obviously, this… more »

Carl Malamud, "(Re-)Defining the Public Domain"

system, elections, copyright, open source, patents, berkeley, photos, research, policy, usability, legal, podcasts, education
[Carl Malamud] gave today's [Distinguished Lecture] at the [UC Berkeley School of Information] entitled, "(Re-)Defining the Public Domain". Audio of the event is [here][1] and some pictures are [here][2]. It was a fascinating talk -- almost a perf… more »

Mapping codes to levels for factors imported from SPSS data in R

hacks, open source, research, education
[R](, the R-project, is a great, free, statistical software package that can do many many things... however, some things can be a bit of a pain to figure out. For example, if your collaborators have their data in [SPSS](ht… more »

Kapor: Disruptive Innovations I Have Known and Loved

open source, berkeley, friends, policy, podcasts
[Mitch Kapor] gave the second [UC Berkeley School of Information][2] [Distinguished Lecture][3] of Fall 2007 today entitled, "Disruptive Innovations I Have Known and Loved - Part 1: The Personal Computer". Here is the [audio (mp3)] and here is the abst… more »
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