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Two upcoming hip-hop shows...

music, feeds, berkeley
[Dead Prez] is playing [Mezzanine] tomorrow night... and [The Federation] is playing for free at [Rasputin's] in Berkeley at 5pm on Tuesday. (I keep a list of upcoming shows that I find of interest on my ["Killer Shows..."] page... there's an [RSS fe… more »

CA TTBR Document Review Reports are Published

elections, certification/testing, vendors, standards, news, privacy, research, policy, legal
See: (Sorry, running out of the office.) more »

Script to move a file to a new directory named after its hash

hacks, open source, friends, education
Someone the other day asked me about a link I sent... I frequently will put stuff up on my webserver and put files in directories named after the hash of the file. This same someone wondered if I had an automated way of doing this... the answer is yup.… more »

Some comments and corrections to "Clarity on 'Software independence' in voting systems"

elections, certification/testing, standards, policy, legal
(If you're a regular reader, this will probably be boring... so skip it.) The [Election Technology Blog] recently wrote a post entitled, ["Clarity on 'Software independence' in voting systems"] (presumably authored by Chris Backert who I had the plea… more »


wine, tasting notes
A few of us went out last night to [Bourbon and Branch]... a seriously cool bar that goes to great pains to replicate a speakeasy atmosphere. They even go as far to have a [slew of rules] that, if you break, can get you kicked the hell out. There's no… more »

Sesame Ginger Chicken with Beans and Mushrooms

recipe, family, food
This is tasty recipe. As you can tell, I've been making more chicken dishes... yum. With good chicken, beans and mushrooms, this dish is out of this world in terms of just the right garlic, ginger and sesame ratio with a little lingering heat. This… more »


**Tigret** n. regret, disappointment felt when watching television recorded days previously on a TiVo or DVR and seeing advertising for an event or program that has already happened in real time. *trademark-free synonym:* DVRegret more »

Richard Stallman Speaks at the iSchool

copyright, open source, patents, berkeley, photos, p2p, policy, DRM, legal, podcasts, iSchool
Richard Stallman gave the first [UC Berkeley School of Information distinguished lecture]( of the year today on "Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks". Here's the abstract: > Copyrig… more »

Some random thoughts...

wtf?, SIMS, berkeley, friends, education, iSchool
* Peter Lyman's memorial today was beautiful. * I'm so going to see [Dragon Wars]. I ***love*** dragons!!! * Wow. Kathy Griffin: ["Suck it, Jesus"]. I guess you can't say that on TV, huh? * I've finished both [*Neuromancer*] and [*Count Zero*] and… more »

HR811 Does Not Require Source Code Disclosure

elections, reform, standards, copyright, news, secrecy, politics, problems, friends, research, policy, legal
Many people seem to erroneously think that [HR811] requires the disclosure of voting system source code. For example, in a recent press alert, Doug Lewis of [The Election Center] says: > The provision that covers source code is giving a blueprint fo… more »

A Window into the Hart Document Review of the California TTBR

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, copyright, hacks, news, secrecy, privacy, berkeley, research, policy, usability, legal
Well, it has been more than 45 days since we submitted our document review report on the Hart System 6.2.1 to the California Secretary of State under the Top-To-Bottom Review (TTBR). According to [our contract] (see page 10): > No Principal Investig… more »

Ignatieff Quote About Academics vs. Politicians

politics, family, policy, education
My father, who seems to have ceased blogging as of late, sent me this very interesting quote from a piece by Michael Ignatieff in the 5 August NYT ([*"Getting Iraq Wrong"*](… more »
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