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Tova Freed from Gag

elections, reform, news, secrecy, chilling effects, friends, research, policy, legal
[Tova Wang], released from her confidentiality obligations under a contract for the Election Assitance Comission, has written a very interesting op-ed in the Washington Post describing the twists and turns of the whole affair ([*"A Rigged Report on U.S.… more »

M.I.A. is comin' back wit powa, powa

I ***love*** the new M.I.A. release, Kala. It's badass and both rhythmically and lyrically groundbreaking. I can't get enough of her voice, the way she weaves rhythms and all the interesting guests she has... from Timbaland (who produced all or so… more »

More Uncertified Voting Systems in California?

elections, certification/testing, vendors, news, friends, research, policy, legal
In 2003, the California Secretary of State found that DESI (Diebold Election Systems, Inc.) had marketed and sold voting systems in California that were running software uncertified by the state. In a déjà vu moment, ES&S (Election Systems and So… more »

Funny, in light of recent drama around Chinese products

wtf?, chilling effects
It really is [a pretty cup] that one might want to drink tea out of... sigh. [a pretty cup]: more »

Pic of me on Machinist post

elections, vendors, blogging, copyright, news, open source, photos, friends, policy
Cool! [Farhad Manjoo] used [a picture of me], taken by [Matt], blowing up a Diebold beach ball that was given to me by [Jason] in a [Machinist] post about DESI's [name change]. [Creative Commons] rules! (Thanks to Tim McNerney for the pointer!) [… more »

Markdown for b2evolution v0.2

blogging, hacks, open source
I've updated my [Markdown Plugin for b2evolution] to v0.2. It is now compatible with the 1.10.x series of [b2evolution]. In case you're not familiar with it, b2evo is a wonderful little [GPL]'d blogging tool that packs [quite a punch] under its hood… more »

Orange Chicken

wine, recipe, food
This is an amazing main dish. The orange glaze is bright, flavorful and not too sweet. Of course, you need to get good chicken, and I'll leave the intricacies of that up to you... Serve with a [not-too-fruity sauvignon blanc] and a simple side of corn… more »

Got my links back

blogging, hacks, open source
(this will not be very interesting to the majority of you... but it's ***my*** blog...) Well, I've been having some issues with [Markdown] rendering on this blog. I promise that when I get it all working I'll release a [b2evo] markdown plugin that i… more »

My Girl Rocks!

family, friends, education
Michelle, my partner, just passed the biggest test involved with getting her [GIA][1] gemologist degree. The test is called the "20 stone" where they give you randomly selected colored precious stones, one-by-one, and you have to identify and grade… more »

Know people in software in Bangalore?

berkeley, friends, research, iSchool
then write [Yuri][1]: > First, this blog isn't nearly popular enough for this to work, but I might as well try: I am going to spend a week in Bangalore, and am looking to talk to people working in software there. Any one who is there or can suggest p… more »

The Wire, Season 4 DVDs

wtf?, wikipedia
OMG, Amazon has [a page up][1] for the DVDs of [The Wire][2]'s 4th season!!! The Wire, in my humble opinion, is ***the best*** television series ever. (although I'm a big fan of Battlestar and Deadwood... and then there's Xena and Buffy) [1]:… more »

Upgrading Blog

blogging, feeds, hacks, open source
I'm upgrading my blog software, so please stay tuned... it might look a bit weird around here and your feeds might not work for a bit. Things left to do: * All done. ... let me know if you see anything out of order. more »

"Post Election Audits: Restoring Trust in Elections"

elections, reform, standards, berkeley, problems, friends, research, policy, legal
Today, we released our [new report (2.6MB PDF)]( on post-election audits of paper records. The authors include Larry Norden, Aaron Burstein, Margaret Chen and myself. It's a wonderful… more »
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