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we interrupt your regular programming...

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well, this post has been misconstrued by a few people with selective editing to have wider implications than it does. So, I'm withdrawing it. Please don't twist what I say to your advantage. more »

Joe Six-Pack and D&D...

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Daniel Macht of Sacramento's [Capitol Weekly] interviewed me for a story published today ([*"When Dungeons & Dragons meets California elections "*]( talking about the work of the CA So… more »

EVT papers available...

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The accepted papers for the [USENIX]([ACCURATE]( [Electronic Voting Technology 2007 (EVT'07) workshop]( are now available (for registered attendees): There is… more »

How fragile we are...

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It's been a rough summer... [Peter](, my grandfather and one uncle have each succumbed to cancer of one sort or another. Then, my father's crappy [mitral valve](, which… more »

Testimony on Post-Election Audits

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I gave testimony in front of the CA SoS's [Post-Election Audit Standards working group] this past Monday. Here is a copy of [the agenda] and here is a copy of [my slides]. I apologize especially to the other speakers for having to leave so quickly; th… more »


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[:(]( more »
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