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On DREs vs. Opscan...

elections, reform, secrecy, research, policy
There seems to be a sentiment in the e-voting activist community that > "DREs involve secret recording and counting of votes and optical scanning technologies (Opscan) only involve secret counting." (that's my paraphrase... I'm not quoting anyon… more »

On cookies when opting-out of in-text search/advertising

blogging, wtf?, privacy, policy, usability
I'm convinced that companies like [Snap] and [Vibrant] have found a clever way to make money off of people ***that either opt-in or opt-out*** of their in-text search/advertising. Both of these companies make money off of in-text search or advertis… more »

Perz bloggin'

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Join me in a hearty blogosphere welcome to [Aaron Perzanowski]... god forbid if they give this kid any realy power. ::) [Aaron Perzanowski]: more »

Perfect Roast Potatoes

recipe, food
**UPDATE [2009-01-01T16:15:07]:** I've since improved this recipe considerably, see here: [Perftatoes 2.0]( ---- These are amazing... creamy texture inside and crispy shells with a… more »

Cthulu '08!

elections, wtf?

Reddit and Ron Paul

Man, [reddit] was cool until some dorks started filling it up with articles about some loser named Ron Paul. [reddit]: more »

Eliminating NAs in matched data in R

hacks, open source, berkeley, research, education
This was bugging the shit out of me in our is271B (quant methods) final... I had three arrays with NAs in different rows of each array... I had done a weird brute-force machination like the following to get rid of the NAs and preserve the pairwise ma… more »
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